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    We are newlyweds (after 6 years still count?) starting on another new adventure together in the beautiful but freezing state of Utah.

    We live in a cozy little place with our 4 boys...Dudley the mini Labradoodle and two kitty brothers, Milo & Nic, and our special miracle and the love of our lives, Ryo.


    Tyler and Summer


A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015

8 Months Old Exactly!

2016-05-22_0001 2016-05-22_0002 2016-05-22_0003 2016-05-22_0004 2016-05-22_0005 2016-05-22_0006 2016-05-22_0007 2016-05-22_0008We spent the day with my favorite ballroom partner and friend Joel Jimenez.  After some yummy mexican food we spent some time photographing at the Santa Monica pier (both our first time believe it or not!).  My whole life living so close and I have never played tourist like I should.  Your daddy and I are trying to check a bunch of things off our bucket lists each time we come out to visit and it’s the best sharing all these firsts with my best baby boyfriend.

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A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_3461 IMG_3462 IMG_3541 IMG_3559

7 months old (3 days shy of 8 months)

It has been quite the busy week for you in California and a lot of firsts checked off our list!  It was the first time we drove down just the two of us and you were perfect as usual for the 11+ hours it took us to get there and only cried to have your diaper changed!

Your Auntie Jen, Uncle Tyler and cousins Anna and Evan spoiled you with lots of love and attention and they babysat you (the first time I’ve left you with anyone other than your Grandma Rachelle for an extended period) while I went to LA to photograph a Bat Mitzvah.   You didn’t even miss me. 🙁

We also had a blast watching them at their swim meet/swim practice and playing in the water at the JCC in Newport.  You are already a fishy, you kick around and love to splash and taste the water. We also went to Disneyland where you received your first visit pin and I got my birthday pin for the 2nd year in a row.  None of the rides scared you and we had such a fun time!

You are getting so active and more mobile now.  Even though you still haven’t figured out the crawling thing, you can pull your self and army crawl where you need to go.  You even managed to crawl and fall out of bed for the first time (Evan’s bed is sitting on the floor, but still!).  I heard a yelp and when I went in to check on you I found you in a tangled heap just playing with Evan’s piano that was in reach.  Phew.  What a tough guy you are. We’re in for it once you can really get around.

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A portrait of my son, once a week every week, in 2015.

IMG_5928 IMG_5935

You, us, Duds and nature.  Our favorite place to be with our favorite boys.  You  sure don’t last very long, usually within 10 minutes you’re fast asleep.

We tried hiking Pine Hollow in AF Canyon twice, but there was still a huge solid piece of ice blocking our way.  Without snow shoes, we didn’t want to risk it with you so we will have to go back come Summer.  We heard the view is killer once you reach the top!

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A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015


IMG_5869 IMG_5876 IMG_5880 IMG_5883

21 Weeks 2 days

Oh baby, baby.  I think the 19th wonder week is still in affect.  One minute you’re happy and the next minute you’re crying because you are frustrated about something or just want to be held.  You are trying so hard to do so much, finally pushing all the way up while on your tummy and almost sitting up on your own.  You gave up on rolling over for the time being now that you found your feet and you get so distracted while you nurse that it’s driving me bonkers.  You want to check out every noise and are afraid of missing out on something.  I can tell that you are taking in so much of the world around you.  Instead of talking up a storm like you were doing for the past several months, you are now so intent on watching and listening to everyone.

It’s amazing how quickly you are catching on to our signs.  I know positively that you understand milk and change (diaper change).  You get super happy and smack your lips when we sign for milk and when I lay you down when you’re wet or dirty (you HATE it and are usually crying) and I sign for change, you stop flailing, get calm, and sometimes smile up at me.  It’s incredible seeing how much you understand, and that makes all this work completely worth it.

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A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015

IMG_5500 IMG_5502 IMG_5505 IMG_5511


19 Weeks 4 days

Passport picture time!  I figured I could take a better photo than the post office but I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to catch you in a neutral face.  This is as close as I could get:

IMG_5504 & this is SO crazy, because I am just noticing that your bottom teeth have popped through in the top photo!  I hadn’t edited those photos until tonight.

They must have come through on the night of the 23rd or the 24th and didn’t know until your Auntie Amy and cousins showed me and your daddy after our date to see Alton Brown on the 27th.  I feel like such a bad mama!  I can’t believe we weren’t the first ones to discover them.  So all the late, exhausting nights, the drooling, the miserable little guy that you’ve been was all due to your teething.  Poor babe.  I didn’t realize that they would come in that soon.  Only 4.5 months old is way too young!

I’m prepared now though…I bought you an Amber necklace, some teething tablets, Camilia drops, and some teething toys.

We’re ready for the rest, you painful ol’ teefies!

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