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A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.

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Father’s Day

36 weeks

From these photos, you would never know what a rough week you’ve had.  After returning home from our trip to California, we were taking a bath and you inhaled some water.  Your daddy helped get you out and set you on the bed not realizing how mobile you are now after a week away from you.  He turned around to grab a diaper and like lightning you pulled yourself to the edge and fell head first out of bed.  I’m sure that was the first of many accidents, but it scared us to death.  I looked you over from top to bottom, nothing was broken and you didn’t have any visible bumps or bruises.   It was a miracle.

The following day you came down with a terrible cough and a fever and I was terrified that it might be secondary drowning or a lung infection (thanks FB for the lifelong scare) from the bath water.  We were up with you all night and when you started throwing up and wheezing and couldn’t breathe, we decided to play it safe and just take you into the ER.  Your lung x-ray looked good and all the tests came back negative except for a positive Rhinovirus, which was the nastiest cold we have ever seen or experienced.  I can’t believe how horrible it was and it was heartbreaking seeing you so sick when there was nothing much we could do for you.  You started feeling better by the weekend and we put together a fun scavenger hunt for daddy’s first father’s day and got him everything we needed for a fun summer of adventures, including your new Osprey Poco carrier for hiking.  You loved it!  The next day we took it for a spin on the Timpanogos Trail and you were asleep within the first 10 minutes.  Definitely a success.

On a side note, you are officially done with nursing as of today.  I’m really feeling sad about it, but you’ve moved on, prefer the bottle, and aren’t looking back.  I thought for sure I’d be breastfeeding, even if only at night for at least a year or year and a half or so, but ever since we got back from Japan you are all about the bottle and hate working for your food.  You flail your arms and legs, hit or grab my face, and get so distracted unless we are in a quiet room, so it’s actually been quite liberating to get my body back and you haven’t seemed to miss it at all.  I can’t believe my baby is growing up so quickly.

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