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A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015

8 Months Old Exactly!

2016-05-22_0001 2016-05-22_0002 2016-05-22_0003 2016-05-22_0004 2016-05-22_0005 2016-05-22_0006 2016-05-22_0007 2016-05-22_0008We spent the day with my favorite ballroom partner and friend Joel Jimenez.  After some yummy mexican food we spent some time photographing at the Santa Monica pier (both our first time believe it or not!).  My whole life living so close and I have never played tourist like I should.  Your daddy and I are trying to check a bunch of things off our bucket lists each time we come out to visit and it’s the best sharing all these firsts with my best baby boyfriend.

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