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A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015


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21 Weeks 2 days

Oh baby, baby.  I think the 19th wonder week is still in affect.  One minute you’re happy and the next minute you’re crying because you are frustrated about something or just want to be held.  You are trying so hard to do so much, finally pushing all the way up while on your tummy and almost sitting up on your own.  You gave up on rolling over for the time being now that you found your feet and you get so distracted while you nurse that it’s driving me bonkers.  You want to check out every noise and are afraid of missing out on something.  I can tell that you are taking in so much of the world around you.  Instead of talking up a storm like you were doing for the past several months, you are now so intent on watching and listening to everyone.

It’s amazing how quickly you are catching on to our signs.  I know positively that you understand milk and change (diaper change).  You get super happy and smack your lips when we sign for milk and when I lay you down when you’re wet or dirty (you HATE it and are usually crying) and I sign for change, you stop flailing, get calm, and sometimes smile up at me.  It’s incredible seeing how much you understand, and that makes all this work completely worth it.

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