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2/52 | The 52 Project

A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.



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3 Months old: No really?  You’re 3 months old?  I don’t know when you transitioned from infant into big boy but it happened almost overnight!  You still love to snuggle but you’d much rather be propped up so you can see what’s going on and you just want everyone to have adult conversations with you.  You love to be tickled and don’t mind when your daddy and I get cuteness aggression with you…you just giggle when we just munch and pinch your squishy cheeks, arms and legs.  You’ve finally gotten so chubby and surprisingly you keep getting cuter as the weeks pass!  And, oh boy…your faces. You make so many different ones that you look like a different baby in every photo.  Thanks for being such a fun baby boy and making us laugh without fail every single day.  You are the biggest and brightest light in our lives.


Joining Jodi at Practicing Simplicity for 2015’s 52 Project

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