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The Alchemist

I just started reading this book yesterday for my new book club (excited!) and it couldn’t a more perfect read for my life right now.  Omens, signs, destiny, fate, faith,  and finding one’s own Personal Legend are themes in the book that correlate perfectly to the gospel (in my opinion) and is seriously helping me in this time of need and to get my mind off the negative thoughts I’ve been having.

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged back in October.

Everything that could go wrong in 2012 has.  Tyler made a career change expecting amazing opportunities, but it didn’t turn out the way we expected. I’ve had to have two surgeries that resulted in ridiculous amounts of medical bills, our rent went up $200  a month since we moved into our apartment, and California’s cost of living?  No explanation.

We took all of those as signs that we needed to move back to Utah.  We sold Ty’s BMW just in the nick of time so we could save money, we started building a new house, I was going to continue working from home, and everything seemed like things were going to starting to turn around for us.  It’s been three weeks since we’ve moved to Utah and since then our plans have been completely obliterated. Nothing has gone in our favor, we both came down sick, and if it weren’t for Tyler’s amazing and generous parents we’d be homeless and living out of suitcases right now.

Thankfully, we’ve had the whole Bruford family together the past two weeks and it’s been wonderful…late night Bang games, nieces and nephews cracking us up, Frazier by the fire, snowy hiking, and delicious gluten and dairy filled meals  (although I’m looking forward to getting those out of my system soon).  It’s been great having everyone together to get our minds off things, even though my heart and head haven’t been in the happiest of places.

In the grand scheme of things, these  are minor little blips in life but it’s so hard when you pray, hope and dream for things that just don’t come to pass when you want them to.  It’s so frustrating and heartbreaking.   I don’t think I’ve known another couple that has had such severe cases of bad luck that eventually turns into good.   Being optimists, looking back at everything that has happened to us the last 4 years, everything has always turned out to be blessing in disguise. Everything from my divorce, to my home being vandalized.  These things have always pushed us in a better direction than where we were before.  It’ s miraculous really, and another confirmation that our lives are not completely in our hands.

So I’m trusting in the Big Guy more than ever this year and hope he blesses us with a happy, healthy, and optimistic 2013.




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